MBG Nordic change distribution partner in Finland and The Baltics

MBG Nordic change distribution partner in Finland and The Baltics

What started out as an ambition of bringing market relevant brands to the Nordics via innovation and new ways of collaborating – has proven it’s potential.

MBG Nordic have expanded its Nordic presence to include Poland, were MBG Nordic new partner Unibev SP z.o.o. started introduction our brands, Salitos and Goldberg & Son’s as from 1st September 2016 – now MBG Nordic approaching more than 78.000.000 consumers all together.

Already within our first year MBG Nordic can celebrate the presence of a wide range and MBG quality brands across the region. In the Nordics, Baltic and Poland our market position has been strengthened in both On and Off Trade.

Our joint future is built on mutual trust with the local distributors and we expect to establish long-term relationships for even more brands and distributors across the region.

New distribution partner in Finland and The Baltics.

As from 1st January 2017, one of MBG Nordic key brands will change distribution partner in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Finland to Servaali International.

MBG has a constant ambition to drive innovation within the alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks category by working closer with customers than traditional providers. Brand relations are created through storytelling, on product and brand-level using our high quality products and services”

By challenging traditional beer category, which for Salitos brand started in small bodegas on the South American coast has now become a premium beer enjoyed in over 56 countries and now also in the Nordics, Baltic and Poland. The Range in consists of 4 exciting variants: Cerveza, Mojito, Ice and the famous Tequila.

Salitos is the classic bottom-fermented Premium Lager elegantly balanced with a shot of the very finest of imported Tequila de Jalisco and the fruity taste of South American limes. Salitos is mild and fresh with a fruity flavor.”

“We mix passion and market knowledge with quality products in this case Salitos, which fits very much into our new distribution partner Servaali strategy for the future”. Said Managing Director Jakob Vallentin – MBG Nordic.

“With the new cooperation with MBG Nordic, Servaali International will strengthen it’s position within this category of beer products made to enjoy life in an easy and simple way. We are very excited of this starting cooperation with MGG Nordic, and will be launching new products to both on-/ and off-trade channels both in Baltics and Finnish markets", said Erkka Schönberg, Country Director for Servaali Finland.


MBG Nordic began the product marketing in 2015. Initiating the establishment of a Nordic distribution network through local importers, covering On/Off Trade and duty free travel

retail business. MBG Nordic is now present in Scandinavia, The Baltics and Poland. MBG global spread to more than 58 countries worldwide with a range consisting of beverage brands, concepts and trade across the globe. 250 colleagues generate 200 million Euros and more than 1 million hectolitres of bottled enjoyment.

Servaali International, part of Captol Invest Group, is one of the leading importers of alcoholic beverages on the market. Servaali’s product portfolio covers all alcoholic beverages, and it is a strong market leader in international mild alcoholic beverages. The product range includes high-quality beers, ciders, wines, strong alcoholic products and soft drinks. The company employs 50 sales and marketing professionals in Finland, the Baltic countries and Sweden.